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Broadmoor Improvement Association

nce 2005‘s Hurricane Katrina and the levee failures, the Broadmoor Improvement Association (BIA) has become a grassroots powerhouse. It has leveraged more than $48 million in outside investments and brought in more than 13,000 volunteers, who have committed 362,000 hours to Broadmoor. Look around to found out more!

Bywater Neighborhood Association

BNA's MISSION To improve the living conditions and serve the needs of the residents of the neighborhood. To serve as a clearing house of information for the neighborhood. To preserve the architectural and cultural heritage of the neighborhood.

Central City Partnership Organization

The Central City Partnership is a collaboration of community-based organizations, faith based institutions, public schools, businesses, universities, residents and community leaders (both grass roots and elected) in the Central City Neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana. The Partnership was organized in 1994 by the Central City Economic Opportunity Corporation (CCEOC) for the purpose of strategic planning and development of a neighborhood collaborative to facilitate Enterprise Foundation assistance and other national funding sources. The Partnership also served as the requisite community governance structure for the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funded by the City of New Orleans Enterprise Community initiative. Since its inception, the Partnership has developed into a community governance structure to facilitate and promote revitalization of the Central City Neighborhood.

Central City Renaissance Alliance

The Central City Renaissance Alliance honors and supports the collective voice and collaborative strength of Central City residents as we create neighborhoods that are powerful and economically vibrant. We are committed to the revitalization and transformation of Central City by employing community education, community economic development, leadership development and advocacy.

Eastern New Orleans Neighborhood Association

Act 887, House Bill No 836 – established ENONAC and enacted by the Legislature of Louisiana, 2008 Mission To empower the residents and the businesses of the Eastern New Orleans community, along with local and state government, to provide input, to define and to enforce standards to maintain and quality of life. To address infrastructure concerns to promote economic and housing development that will ensure protection and service to all constituents in the continual maintenance, enhancement and enjoyment of our neighborhoods. Purpose (9100.4) Established for the primary objective of advising, and providing an opportunity for citizens input on matters of concern affecting the quality of life in Eastern New Orleans, and to assure compliance relative to appropriate governmental policy and procedure. Commission Membership (9100.5) The commission shall consist of the chief executive officer and one representative appointed by the chief executive officer from each duly organized nonprofit organization or association representing single – family homeowners in New Orleans East which requests membership on the commission. (See attached Resolution Form to request membership to ENONAC)

Faubourg Delachaise Neighborhood Association

Faubourg Delachaise is bounded by Louisiana Avenue, Magazine Street, Tchoupitoulas Street and Peniston Street in Uptown New Orleans. The Faubourg Delachaise Neighborhood Association is open to homeowners, renters and business owners who live or work in our neighborhood. The purpose of FDNA is to improve our neighborhood. Membership is voluntary. Dues are $25/year or however much a family/individual can pay. Go to “Files” to download an application. The FDNA welcomes homeowners, renters and business owners in our neighborhood. Pot-luck dinner meetings held quarterly. Additional meetings and events held at other times. Annual block party for “Night Out Against Crime” Community garden “Le Jardin du Soleil” Children’s playground at Lyon’s Center (Delachaise between Annunciation and Tchoupitoulas)

French Quarter Citizens for the preservation of Residential Quality

The French Quarter is our neighborhood which we share with the city of New Orleans and New Orleans shares with the world. We live in a unique continuum of history, a gumbo of residential and commercial activity spiced with artists, musicians, bars, bawdy entertainment, museums and architectural treasures. This legacy is a fleeting snapshot of the old world within the new and as members of French Quarter Citizens, Inc. we are pledged to maintain our surroundings in as safe and genuine a condition as possible. We take our Mission upon ourselves with pleasure and gravity and invite all to share our beautiful surroundings and work along with us to treasure and protect the French Quarter and to maintain an excellent quality of life for residents and visitors alike.

Gentilly Civic Improvement Association

We, the Gentilly Civic Improvement Association, are a diverse group of residents, businesses and civic organizationswho have come together to form one united voice dedicated to preserving and improving our historic Gentilly neighborhoods.

Lakeview Civic Improvement Association

LCIA’s “NORA Property Committee” has been working closely with the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) since 2006, to effectively handle the use and disposition of hurricane Katrina damaged properties (in Lakeview) sold by property owners through Louisiana’s Road Home program. So far we have been through three rounds of property auctions and NORA has sold over 275 properties in addition to those sold through the ongoing Lot Next Door Plan.

Lower 9th Ward Neighborhood Empowerment Network Association

Lower 9th Ward Neighborhood Empowerment Network Association (NENA) was founded in the spring of 2006. After the devastation caused by the storm, NENA, a grassroots community organizing entity provided immediate support to the residents of the Lower 9th Ward. NENA, whose goal is to repopulate the Lower 9th, began implementing sustainable programs such as Minor Repairs and Rebuild.

Mary Queen of Vietnam Community Development Corporation

MQVN Community Development Corporation, Inc. (MQVN CDC) was established by community leaders in May 2006 to assist Vietnamese-Americans in New Orleans East rebuild their lives and their community after hurricane Katrina. In the immediate aftermath of hurricane Katrina, MQVN CDC played a leading role in providing emergency relief assistance as well as organizing Vietnamese-American residents to play an active role in the rebuilding of the community surrounding New Orleans East area. MQVN CDC's mission is to preserve and promote our unique diversity and improving the quality of life of residents in the Greater New Orleans area, beginning in New Orleans East. Together with community partners, our work encompasses health care, environmental and agricultural concerns, education, housing, social services, economic development and culture and the arts.

Mid-City Neighborhood Organization

The Mid-City Neighborhood Organization (MCNO) is dedicated to improving the quality of life for all residents of Mid-City New Orleans.

Phoenix of New Orleans

Born from the chaos of Hurricane Katrina, our organization embodies the vision of community self-reliance in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. With tactics and tools learned from relief work in Indonesia after the 2004 Tsunami, PNOLA quickly fused the leadership of the local population (the residents) with the power of the relief workers (AmeriCorps and Volunteers) and together harnassed the amazing resources from national powerhouse organizations (MerciCorps, American Red Cross, Salvation Army, United Way etc). We stayed focused on our community of Lower Mid-City for planning, organizing and repair but spread our rebuild resources as wide as possible when help was needed elsewhere. Today, after 6 years of accomplishments, we continue to trek forward to create sustainable prosperity for our clients and community.

The Upper Audubon Association

The Upper Audubon Association (UAA) is a neighborhood association with a vision of maintaining and improving quality of life and property values. The boundaries of the organization are St. Charles Avenue to the Mississippi River and Audubon Park to both sides of Broadway Street and includes approximately 400 addresses. Our active neighborhood association is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Information on the Board and Officers can be found under the Organization tab.